Air filtration system maintenance and filter installation.

Filter installation of Hospital operating rooms and dust filter testing.

For general air - conditioner cleaning and maintenance.

Related Products.

  A.Pre. Filter

>Paper Filter, Carbon Filter.

>SG Frame: Non Woven Filter, Nylon Filter.

>Aluminum Frame: Non Woven Filter, Aluminum filter.

>Stainless steel filter.

>Plastic Frame: Non Woven Filter, Nylon Filter.

  B.Medium Filter

>Bag Filter , Box Pleat Filter.

  C.High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA)

>HVAC- Private for Air-conditioner-Aluminum baffle filter, V- BANK,
>Specially use for Cleanroom - Mini Pleat, ULPA, Heat-resistant, FFU.

  D.Chemical Filter

>Galvanized carbon filter.

  E.High dust capacity filter

>Coarse dust filter bags.


>Fine dust filter bags.

  F.Raw Material

>Steel Galvanized frame, Plastic frame, private for V-BANK Pleating filter cloth
 Nylon , Non Woven Fabric, carbon cloth, BS batten, HE frame, parts

  G.Cleanroom Design and Construction