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In recent years, people's living and education standards are higher than the past. Clean environment is the necessary conditions for the industry, such as operating theatre, intensive care unit, as well as food processing plants and nursery…etc, which are requiring aseptic. To commite the industry responsible for their own interests, this is the most vital parts of the public concern. Selecting the appropriate filter is the key factor for cleanliness of clean room.

Tai Ting Technology Corp. upholds principle of "quality is the first life of the product, service is the first work of the spirit" providing high quality of products and excellent service to our customers. To provide the need for clean room, air-conditioning systems, unclear energy facilities, biotechnology and other clean air requirements, Tai Ting is dedicated to offer variety of professional air filters and related equipment with high degree of enthusiasm serving our customers.

Our company uses the most advanced U.S. technology and manufacturing equipment for the clean room, to provide the most economical, high efficiency, durability in diversified products. In order to meet customer needs, to create a new generation of the market, and to lead 21st century's technology. 
We aim to be positioned to deliver 'Customer sactisfaction, High quality of work, Integrity, High Performance Team ,Contribute to the community '.